For most homeowners, restroom remodeling holds bottom priority as a home improvement project. After all, most folks spent relatively little time on the toilet in comparison to the rest of their home’s living area. Giving your lavatory a face-lift can lift your spirits considerably – not to mention the utility and size of its usable space. An aging, obsolete bathroom is both a major eyesore and stress inducer each time you step into the tub or shower or stand before the sink. Many tolerate such conditions for decades, due to hesitancy to lay out substantial sums to fix up such a relatively small room. High-quality bathroom remodeling need not entail bankruptcy, however.

A High-Quality Bathroom Remodel Holds Much Home Improvement Promise

Pre bathroom remodel: Examine your existing restroom space and adjacent rooms. Accurately measure all areas and transpose to scale onto graphing paper. Can you convert an unneeded nearby closet into expanded bathroom area space? Take stock of structural and cosmetic issues within your bath area. Make note of any wall rot, piping problems, outdated electrical outlets, paint chipping, ugly sinks or vanities, inadequate lighting, or other such defects. Structural issues come first. Such factors affect bathroom functionality for years to come. They are also more costly, as you will probably need professional assistance to address them adequately.

Decrease Costs of Bathroom Remodel by Doing It Yourself

Determine what remodeling tasks you can accomplish alone. Just about anybody can paint. Most likely, you can also remove old tile, install lighting fixtures, shelves, and many other smaller tasks. Buy all materials and supplies yourself. Professional contractors invariably add mark-ups to the price of these items to compensate for time spent on acquisition. Buy necessities only. Put a newer sink inside of an older vanity and keep the original fixtures. This helps keep your finances on track. The entire unit does not need replacement. Consider masking cosmetic flaws with alternate lighting. Well-placed posters or paintings may hide other imperfections. Replace cheaper items first and view the results. A brightly colored new bathtub mat, medicine cabinet, or toilet seat are low-cost changes that can make a huge difference. Wax, rather than replace your bathtub. This strategy can return is original sheen and is much more cost-effective than other options.

Maximize Existing Space Efficiency

Box-style wall shelves, corner shelving, or above-toilet unified shelving units are excellent space adders. Medicine cabinets also add accessory storage without overall space reduction. Look for the easiest alternatives. Self-adhesive tiles are very easy to install, for instance. Consider low-cost additions. Wall scones make attractive candleholders. Throw some light on the subject with candles to set the right mood for relaxing leisurely baths. Scented candles are perfect sense soothers. Select fixtures well: Bath and sink fixtures should have high utility, yet be reasonably priced. Locating them entails comparison-shopping, but you can find some unbelievable bargains at home improvement outlet clearance sales when older models must make way for later brands.

Anybody can plan a bathroom remodel project. Such an undertaking is wonderful way to personalize the look and feel of your overall home interior. Comparison shop for reputable subcontractors that honor your particular wishes, the time investment pays rich dividends in savings and quality.


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