Saving Money, Time and Frustration with Copper Repipe By Calling Smelly Mel's Plumbing. As plumbing problems are expensive to repair and can cause extensive damage if left untreated, dealing with corroded or leaking pipes early is wise. A company specializing in replacing old plumbing with shiny, flexible copper pipes makes these repairs swiftly and with as little inconvenience to everyone as possible. Smart people call copper repipe for help as soon as they know they have a problem.

Copper Repipe: A Common Plumbing Problems

Indications of rust or corrosion in H2O lines include changes in pressure and clarity. Corrosion inside metal pipes builds up, blocking the free flow of water and can even flake off making the liquid look dirty, smell bad, taste funny and stain sinks and clothing. People can be scalded with these drastic changes in water flow if they are taking a shower and someone flushes the toilet or starts a dishwasher or washing machine. Eventually this corrosion eats through the metal pipes causing leaks. Many times the leak is small at first and does extensive damage to walls, ceilings and floors before it is discovered. Not only can discolored water be a health issue, puddles of moister encourage mold to grow often out of sight. If the pipe breaks in a concrete slab, the water washes away the dirt supporting the slab and foundation. As most homes built before 1970 used galvanized pipe for water lines, older homes are especially at risk.

What a Copper Repipe Does

Specialists in this field do three things very well: they replace the plumbing problem, repair any damage to the building and do it cheaper. A copper repipe expert uses long tubes of copper, which are fitted in place and held together with fasteners made from copper, brass or bronze. Each water line is attached or insulated so water flows through it soundlessly. As plumbing is hidden behind walls, ceilings and floors, these companies use people trained in building renovations to repair the necessary damage. Depending on the problem, most repairs can be completed in a day or less as these professionals quickly locate water leaks isolating the area requiring work. Installing all new plumbing in a home or building will take longer. The staff carefully protects carpeting and belongings from the construction demolition and restoration, even cleaning up the debris when they are done. Because this company does one thing and only one thing, they can do it faster and more efficiently. Therefore, their cost is often cheaper than a plumber is; the savings can be as much as 50%.

Replacing old, rusty or corroded pipes with new water lines protects the building from water damage and the owner from expensive repairs and inconveniences. Specialists in copper repipe can do the job correctly, quickly and often cheaper than plumbers. Calling these professionals for help is smart as they have the expertise to locate the problem, repair the pipe and renovate the damage. They even pride themselves on leaving the area neat, clean and ready for the owner.


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