When you see the water not going down the drain properly, that is the first sign that floor drain cleaning is in order. Drains clog up on their own, yet there are hundreds of different ways to get yourself out of deep water, pun intended. Depending on the problem and depending on how long you have ignored it, this will be a simple job or it will require the services of a professional.

Tips and Advice to Help You Solve Floor Drain Cleaning on Your Own

Hair is the number one cause of clogging, as the long pieces form a block over the grate, which prevents any water from going through. As floor drains are usually easy to reach, this is not such a big problem, and can be fixed with rubber gloves being used to scrape away the hair from the drain. This is such a simple problem it is hardly worth mentioning, however, bigger problems loom just ahead. Many times, the clogging problem is not on the surface, but rather deep inside the tubes and pipes that comprise your home or garage sewer system.

Floor Drain Cleaning: For Simple Problems

The first and most obvious step to take is to use a plunger. This can be a dirty task, so make sure you are wearing gloves and appropriate clothes. A plunger works in a very simple way; it creates a vacuum that causes most clogs to break up. Before use, ensure that the exterior is clear from hair and other debris, and if there is an over-flow hole, try to have this covered with a cloth. These two options can solve most of your floor drain cleaning problems, be sure to try these before calling a professional, to save time and money.

Larger Drain Problems

Once you have established that the method you have been using does not work, or you find the problem recurring, it is time to change equipment. Chemical cleaners are the most popular option, due to the fact that they are relatively easy to administer and do a thorough job. When applying this, you need to take several safety precautions; as drain cleaner is extremely corrosive and can be dangerous. The first step would be to clear the floor of all water, using whatever method possible. Next, the drain cleaner should be poured into the drain, taking great caution to avoid any skin contact with this corrosive liquid. You should also keep your face away so as avoid inhaling the strong fumes.

Although drain cleaner will take care of serious clogs near the drain, it will not work as effectively for clogs and blocks deeper in the pipes. For these you will need something known as an auger, or a “Plumber’s Snake”. Although models vary and include handheld options, the basic auger consists of a long, thin cable, which is forced through a drain with the help of a motor. However, the Plumber’s Snake is best left to the plumber, as it can be messy and difficult to use. Getting good professional help will solve the worst problem in a matter of days or even hours.


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