Inspecting the home’s sewage line is often an afterthought when purchasing a home. Experts recommend making it one of the top priorities if not the first. Availing of sewer inspection services can be expensive. However, replacing property damaged by a faulty sewer line can cost more. It is a dirty business but it needs to be done to assure years of trouble-free use of sinks and bathroom fixtures.

The Sewer Inspection Process

An old septic tank can explode or degrade over time. Not only is it unsafe and hazardous to one’s health, sewage has a pungent smell. Going anywhere near the area of contamination is not something an individual would imagine doing. A damaged septic tank or sewer system can render bathroom fixtures and sinks useless. Homeowners will need to resort to other means to wash up or use the toilet. A flooded or damaged sewage system can also damage property. Having the sewer system inspected is a cheaper option than waiting for it to explode. It costs several hundred dollars to have the sewer inspected and an additional fee to perform preventive maintenance. Although this may sound a lot to most homeowners, this is cheaper than replacing a blown-up septic tank or paying for the damages to property.

Cleanup and repair of septic systems is also a messy business. Homeowners are advised to consult with a professional when installing or fixing the home’s septic system. Never attempt to personally fix the system or even perform a sewer inspection. Sewage water is infested with a wide variety of germs, bacteria and viruses. Only trained professionals have the knowledge, skill and equipment to tackle and handle with the hazardous materials and liquids found in sewage systems.

Call For Sewage Inspection Services

Call plumbing companies and ask if offer sewage inspection services. Homeowners that are wary of picking a reliable service on their own may also ask their real estate agent to refer one or more companies. Once a plumbing company has been selected, they will send a small crew to do the inspection at the client’s home. A more convenient way for them to see what is going inside the home’s sewers is by utilizing a small, movable camera. This video camera is attached to a snake-like wire, which can be maneuvered into the sewage system. Images are then sent back to a monitor. This process will inform both the plumber and the homeowner of the current state of the system. Based on the images, the plumber can describe the type of material used to build the sewer and offer options on what to do next. In most cases, cleanup and minor repairs are all that is needed. If the damage is extensive, total replacement of the home’s sewage system may be necessary.

Home owners looking into buying a home should consider the state of the existing sewage line before purchasing the property. This can make or break the sale as sewer inspection and repair or installation will add up to the cost. There is really no way of knowing the state of the existing septic system unless the buyer or homeowner sees the inspection results. A clean, stable system ensures several years of trouble-free use of toilets and sinks and protecting property from hazardous flood water.


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