Saving money, saving time and eliminating messes are the three most popular reasons for using sewer pipe lining to repair these conduits. While normal replacement requires digging up and removing smelly, bulky pieces of crud encrusted clay, cast-iron or HVAP pipes and replacing them with new pieces, lining simply requires accessing the problem pipes through small holes or clean out valves. This modern process reduces expenses, is fast and keeps the sewage contaminants in the drainage system.

Saving Money with Sewer Pipe Lining

Owners save substantial sums of money when using this new, innovative system to take care of problems. Replacing existing sewer lines requires digging up the problem area that is expensive enough if it is in a yard or street. Many times the problem is under a building where concrete floors must be broken up and dirt removed by hand or with small equipment so the waste pipe can be reached. In larger, open spaces, mechanical equipment is used to speed up the process. If sidewalks, streets or roads need to be excavated, the homeowner or contractor must get appropriate permits, which can be expensive and may be required to post bonds until repairs are completed. Not only does the person making the repair worry about the sewage line, other utilities, like power, phone, water and cable TV are often in the same area requiring extra precautions to avoid interrupting these services and very expensive repair bills.

Saving Time with Sewer Pipe Lining

Relining sewer lines is fast and is often completed in just a day. The contractor runs a special video camera through the pipe to determine what is causing the problem. As this special liner creates a new pipe inside the old one, it blocks thirsty tree roots, fills holes and seals joints. Next the area is cleaned with a high-pressure water wash. Finally, a polyester-felt tube is saturated in resin and placed in the drainage conduit. Compressed air fills the liner pushing it against the existing pipe. Once the resin hardens the new lining bonds and increases the durability and strength of the original pipeline.

Reducing Liability with Sewer Pipe Lining

Not only do owners save money and time, they reduce their exposure to problems, as there are no open trenches or sewage contaminating the area. Because yards, sidewalks and streets remain intact, property owners do not worry about anyone falling into these often deep and dangerous ditches. Likewise, potential health problems stay buried beneath the surface preventing people from tracking dangerous waste and chemicals into their homes. Repairs of streets, roads and sidewalks are not needed and other utilities remain intact.

There are many reasons property owners love the convenience of sewer pipe lining. Not only is it cheaper, this relining process can be accomplished quickly with minimal impact to the lives of the people living in the property and neighborhood. Equally as important is the peace of mind this new technology offers by protecting other people and property from injury or illness.


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