A sewer backup is a serious aesthetic and health problem in any home. The terrible odor that permeates your entire house reeks long and strong from every drain. If you find yourself victim of such unfortunate circumstances, call Smelly Melís Plumbing Company for the most reliable, trenchless sewer repair company in the Bay Area. Smelly Melís Plumbing Company has the expertise, experience, and equipment to solve any plumbing problem effectively and permanently, trenchless sewer replacement specialists. Smelly Melís Plumbing Company offers competitive professional rates that wonít gouge your pocket in times of urgent need. Unlike competitors that you practically have to kiss and pay just to rid your home of the horrible smell of backed up sewage. Trenchless sewer repair professionals since 1988.

Unfortunately, many plumbing firms offer mere Band-Aid ďcuresĒ that wonít stand the test of time. For instance, a large tree stump may grow to surround a subterranean drainage pipe and create a major obstruction for sewer exit from your home. In other cases, mineral residue is the responsible culprit. Other anomalous accidents or occurrences may also cause problems. Sometimes, small animals may become trapped in exposed pipes or a fallen tree limb that breaks during a windstorm may impede proper sewer drainage. Despite the specific cause, identifying it correctly and promptly is imperative for devising an effective, lasting solution. Merely dumping chemical solutions down your blocked drains does little to affect a permanent fix of your problem. Indeed, you could accomplish identical results Ė at a much lower cost, trenchless sewer repair can be your solution.

Smelly Melís Plumbing Company goes performs far beyond the call of basic duty. Unlike competitors who cease efforts after pouring some solution down your sinks and toilets, this firmís highly trained plumbing staff conduct a complete diagnostic assessment of your sewer line. Their comprehensive analyses involve tracing your entire sewer systemís paths to locate all existing and potential obstructions. They donít stop there, either. After identifying all root cause(s), Smelly Melís Plumbing Company technicians inspect all adjacent plumbing lines for possible blockages or leaks. Any homeowner treading the foul waters of a serious sewage backup should call Smelly Melís Plumbing Company immediately. Donít jeopardize you and your familyís health and safety from toxic sewer gas and other potential health risks like hepatitis. To remedy the problem once and for all, Smelly Melís Plumbing Company is your first and last call.

Cost Effective Trenchless Sewer Repair by Smelly Melís Plumbing

When a plumber tells you that a major repair or replacement of your sewer pipe is needed, it is not always easy to take the news calmly. Your first instinct may be to ask the plumber to start work immediately and get the job finished as soon as possible. However, if you want to ensure that the work is done quickly, at the lowest cost and with minimal disruption, it is prudent to take a little time to consult at least two more plumbers so that you can compare quotes. In evaluating quotes and assessing which plumber is likely to be most effective, compare not only the price estimates but also the likely timeframes for completion of the work. Any plumber who tells you that the repair will entail a lot of digging in your yard is likely to be quoting for a traditional sewer repair job.

What is trenchless sewer repair?

Traditionally sewers are repaired by digging trenches to accommodate the new lengths of pipe. Professionals who use advanced plumbing equipment can carry out a trenchless sewer repair, and this method has a number of advantages over traditional plumbing techniques. Trenchless sewer repair involves digging two holes in your yard to access the existing pipe. A powerful splitting head attached to the new sewer line pushes it through the old pipe between the entrance and exit holes.

Advantages of the Trenchless Sewer Repair

Employing a trenchless sewer repair method offers some significant benefits. The new unjointed line is free of seams, and so is less vulnerable to damage through invasion by tree roots. Use of a splitting head also allows the damaged line to be replaced by a length of pipe of larger diameter and greater flow capacity. The trenchless method is faster, with only two holes needing to be dug rather than a length of trench. Because it requires less labor and time, trenchless repair is likely to be much more cost effective than the traditional method. Disruption to your water supply should be minimized if your plumber uses the trenchless method, and less work is required to return your yard to its original state than if a large trench had been dug through paths, lawns or garden beds.

Minimize the inconvenience of sewer repair work

Trenchless repair has many advantages but is not the answer in all cases. If a plumber you consult does not intend to use the trenchless method, ask for an explanation. It is important to understand whether the traditional option is being recommended for technical reasons, or because the plumber lacks the skills, experience or equipment for trenchless repair work. News that repair or replacement has to be carried out on your sewer line is never easy to hear. It is inevitable that the work will disrupt your routine and cause some damage to your yard. However, if your plumber employs the trenchless method your utilities and yard should be back to normal within a short time.


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