Despite its name, Smelly Mel’s Plumbing Service keeps all buildings—and budgets—smelling like a rose. Fly-by-night operators are here today and long gone by tomorrow. Smelly Mel’s well-established history of exceptional Bay Area plumbing service that spans more than two decades means "We are is here to stay."

As an unseen, silent part of overall infrastructure, plumbing is often a low maintenance priority—until something goes wrong. Do not wait until you become overwhelmed by backed up sewage and unhealthy residue that reeks for weeks and renders your home or business uninhabitable.

Do not entrust your home’s safety and structural integrity to just any purported "plumbing service" with a plunger in hand. You and your family deserve the highest quality of professional expertise and professional technique to ensure the continued comfort and enjoyment of your home.

Smelly Mel’s owner Travis has not lasted this long and made it this far by being second best. He re-earns his rightfully sterling reputation for top-notch plumbing service every day.

Expertise and Top Equipment Translate into Streamlined Costs and Time Savings

Consider the fact that not only water, but also sewage, has the capacity to leak. It then becomes easy to realize why precision and experienced water leak detection service professionals are required. After all, the introduction of sewage contaminants requires additional levels of disinfection beyond the standard clean up and reconstruction.

Starting with the right company the first time is essential. Enlisting the capabilities of those water leak detection service professionals who know the best direction to take will save time and money, as well as avoid making the problem worse before it gains its own momentum.

Many Types of Materials can Obscure Leak Sources.

Some are easier to access and correct than others. Drywall or concrete, a pool deck or tile, can all be tremendously costly to tear-out and re-install. Hence, precision while honing the source of the problem is vital.

Certainly, construction quality, property aging, and influences of weathering and ground surfaces can impact and even create potential leaks. Shoddy construction lends itself to future leaks and other problems. Pipe corrosion begins with small issues, but damage can compound rapidly and become large-scale disasters in no time.

Don’t hire just any plumber. Conducting research to find the most experienced company with the most state-of-the-art equipment will pay dividends in time and money when remediation is required.